TOP 5 New Steam games 2021

Steam is an international trading platform for games, of which there is an uncountable number. Their diversity is amazing, every user can find there something that suits his taste, but there can be problems with this because among the huge choices people often get lost. It can be difficult to pick out a few best games from thousands of others, but we’ll try to do that in this article. Below we will make an overview of the best steaming games 2021 for different tastes.

Kenshi Review

Some games that are on Steam you won’t find on any other platform, and Kenshi is a prime example of that. Of course, to play this game, users need to have fairly powerful computer specifications, because it is very voluminous and requires high performance to fully reveal the beauty of its display to the players.

Kenshi is a role-playing team game in which you are in charge of your destiny and events. You will find yourself in the middle of a huge, unconstrained world and are free to do absolutely anything you want, you won’t – build a house and live a quiet life, or go to meet adventures.

What’s Left of Edith Finch

This game was at its peak back in 2017, but it’s still one of the best games on Steam. The narrative adventure game opens up first-person gameplay in front of you. You play as Edith Finch, exploring the house where you spent your childhood.

As you examine old items that once belonged to your deceased relatives, you magically find yourself in vignettes that show you the moments of death of members of the Finch family. It sounds creepy, but the game has a terrific story and beautiful artwork, and the story itself turns out not to be nightmarish, but very sentimental and touching.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdon Review

The first part of this game was co-created with art animators from Japan, but Ni No Kuni II did not meet that fate. Whatever the case, the game managed to retain that unique style and atmosphere.

The game is made in the adventure role-playing genre, in which you create your kingdom. A special feature of the game is its terrific combat technique, which includes various types of attacks, including magical attacks. You’ll control three characters, and you’ll be rewarded with bonuses for your achievements. The second part of Ni No Kuni II is much more intense than the first.

Into the Breach Review

This game is different from the previous ones, it does not have an open world, or a fascinating story, but also be on the list of the best. Into the Breach requires you to create and act strategically, the game is made in sci-fi style, it does not require long efforts to reach any goal.

The plot of the game is quite unconventional – the Earth is trying to occupy the aliens and you, controlling a group of robotic warriors sent from the future to stop them. During the encounter you have to stop the aliens from destroying the city, the actions are carried out one by one and resemble the principle of chess. You can also upgrade your robots.

Survival on Mars Overview

This is an exciting game. which is about the successful colonization of Mars. You must build an outpost on a lifeless piece of land and constantly maintain it so that the humans can survive in these brutal conditions.