Best free IPhone games to play in 2021

As a rule, iPhone games are not very popular, they collect negative reviews and are full of IAP. However, regardless of the model of your iPhone in the App Store, there are also a lot of cool free games worthy of your attention, the main thing is to know where to look. In this article, we made a review on the best games for iPhone 2021 so that you can save your time to find a decent option. Here you will find games of different genres so you can find a game to your liking.

Scooter Touchgrind Review

If you want to cut time sitting in line, on a boring couple, or during the lunch break – Touchgrind Scooter is what you see. This is an extreme sports game that will help you let off steam, nervous energy, or just relax.

With two fingers you control your scooter and by learning new tricks you win and pass to the next level. Also, learn new routes and different tricks to get rewards.

In the free version, you get enough opportunities for carefree play, but if you want more you can pay $9 and new places for dangerous tricks will be opened to you. 

Zombie Football Review

Zombie soccer will take you into chaos, which by some miracle will be able to mesmerize you from the first game. You’ll discover a soccer field swarming with zombies and strewn with coins and energy-boosting food.

The main goal of this game is not to be brutally murdered by the undead. Avoid the zombies and don’t miss the opportunity to pick up the food lying on the field to increase your speed. A nice bonus is that even though the game is free, there are no ads. 

Yokai Dungeon Review

Yokai Dungeon is an arcade game in which you have to smash demons. Each level consists of different arenas on which different weapons are chaotically arranged, with which you can kill the devil. There are also boss battles in the game. The performance of the game and its controls are top-notch.

Project Loading Overview

Project Loading is a rather unusual game with the familiar loading bar as the protagonist. But here you will be able to see the loading process from the perspective of the loading bar. You’ll find yourself in the middle of the action, where the loading lanes deal with all the difficulties that are not visible to the naked eye, like the mats of deceleration and acceleration, giant crosses, and bouncers.

You can help them by using a restart point or special gold stars. The game is very well designed and thought out, has great controls, but each level becomes several times more difficult than the previous ones.

Boost Buddies Review

In this game, you play as the cat in the middle of the box who is trying his best to get to the crown. However, it is not so easy to do, on your way will meet many obstacles.

These can be as elusive laser beams and massive axes swinging from side to side. You may also be chased by monsters. In short, you can expect anything, but it’s a lot of fun to watch because it’s always interesting to know what awaits you at the next level.